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National Health Insurance for South Africa: affordability and funding
SA’s health system is ill, but the Minister is not the cause
SA’s proposed National Health Insurance system will fail – IRR
Motsoaledi reaffirms passion for NHI amid criticism from Cosatu
President Zuma’s NEC win – and what it might mean for survival of private healthcare sector
Office of Health Standards Compliance still not up to scratch after 5 years, says DA
So many questions... (NOV 2016)
Regulatory reforms could benefit medical scheme members
Revealed: SA’s healthcare crisis
NHI pilot projects fail to reach targets
South Africa’s journey towards universal healthcare
DA has a plan to fix healthcare shortfalls
Fed-up NHI doctors say they are nothing more than glorified nurses
JOHANN SERFONTEIN: NHI will live or die on the competence of managers in public healthcare
OPINION: ‘NHI is going nowhere slowly’
Minister Aaron Motsoaledi and the department of health are deliberately sabotaging the NHI
Cost of private health care must be reduced: Motsoaledi
Health minister: Save life first, chase pay later
Government prepares for NHI roll-out
Free education and healthcare for poor, same side of the coin
‘No will to drive NHI’
The impossible health pipedream
What the fee protests have to do with universal healthcare and the NHI
NHI 'simply unworkable'
SA’s shortage of medical doctors – a bleak picture
Health department on the right course
Proposed free health insurance 'not to provide for luxuries'
SA on track in implementing NHI: Motsoaledi
Anthea Jeffery: Time to stop reckless promises of ‘free’ health care under NHI
Health minister uses illusion to talk up benefits of the NHI
NHI receives major public response; results to be revealed later
SA health sector faces a crisis
GEMS strategy to align with NHI roadmap
LETTER: Medical aid boss has jaundiced view
NDoH Finalising Draft of NHI Financing Models
Medical Aid lobbyist Zokufa is Motsoaledi's tool – Wilmot James
Free higher education disregards fiscus - What about the NHI?
HASA pleads the case for private medical schools
New threat to medical aids
Zokufa appointed to head Council for Medical Schemes
Problems at Monapo Hospital will soon be over – Maarohanye
Nuwe registrateur wil verseker almal steun NGV (NHI)
DENOSA commends the move to advertise primary healthcare posts in Eastern Cape
180 vacant EC nursing posts ahead of NHI
Draft National Health Insurance Bill Under Construction
‘Strong leadership key to successful NHI’
Call for Submissions on NHI Funding
Davis Tax Committee invites comments on funding of NHI
DoH finalising a draft set of NHI ‘financing scenarios’
NHI criticised for implementation delays
Mend healthcare by all pulling in unison
Motsoaledi admits that NHI is unaffordable
Economic flip side of national health scheme
NHI – Killing the goose that lays the golden eggs
‘Most citizens are poor so private hospitals seem costly – they are not’
Making healthcare work for all South Africans
Universal health coverage: Unique challenges, bold solutions
Funding the NHI – can we afford it?
Getting Africa Ready for Interoperability
Private partners can lift public health
We all want to see better healthcare for all, but will NHI policies deliver?
Private sector must rein in Zokufa
Striking a balance in NHI funding
The haleness of disruptive innovation
NHI road map lies in public-private fusion
Could BHF Directors be delinquent?
System will monitor availability of medicines at clinics – Aaron Motsoaledi
Skewed NHI debate driven by ‘dogma and ignorance’
SA healthcare one of lowest rated by patients - index
How countries are achieving Universal Health Care
Motsoaledi Called Out on Healthcare Figures
Skewed debate is hardly a picture of health
NHI costs to skyrocket
Business Day Letter: DA plan trumps NHI
NHI seen as remedy for SA’s ill-health
NHI not designed to destroy private healthcare, says Motsoaledi
Costing vital for national health scheme
Minister Motsoaledi is determined to transform SA's healthcare system
Motsoaledi shrugs off NHI economic shortfall projections as ‘wrong’
NHI faces R200bn shortfall, Econex finds
SA health system is "broken"
Better healthcare for all - not just the rich
Informed citizens must mobilise for universal healthcare that works
NHI: Is a purchaser-provider split a good idea?
NHI is going to happen, but who will fund it?
NHI is unaffordable and ill conceived
Ongesonde plan van NHI ’n erge bedreiging
NHI: SAPPF Proposes Alternative
‘NHI must be protected from corporate capture’
Pressly backs Jeffery: NHI follows in BEE’s slipstream – ‘It’s lunacy’
Mad doctor Motsoaledi
An army will be needed for NHI
The laborious journey to Universal Health Coverage in South Africa
Bitter pill for SA: R1bn tonic fails to boost healthcare
NHI: Just not enough money
NHI inefficiencies – another ‘jobs for pals’ scenario
NHI 'needs a dose of reality'
NHI- The frightening public health employment statistics
Get private sector involved in the NHI – SAPPF
NHI – Incorrect statistics used to motivate proposed health system changes
Economic development is a team sport
A healthy society is a productive society
NHI will be an unmitigated disaster if implemented – AfriBusiness
Private doctors suggest alternative to NHI
Health care costs too high – let’s cut them
NHI: more pragmatism and less ideology
How Far Is The 2015 National Health Insurance White Paper An Advance On The 2011 Green Paper: A User’s Guide
Government hostility towards private healthcare impedes NHI
Is universal access to healthcare possible?
NHI ‘won’t work’ but much to be said for aspects of it – HSF
NHI under threat, warns Cosatu
Operational hurdles loom for health insurance
So Many Questions
NHI- International Lessons in Universal Healthcare
Unaffordability of NHI as Universal Healthcare Model
Health-E News: Bring in the specialists for National Health Insurance
Tutu Backs NHI Plan
NHI not a beauty contest between private and public sector – Motsoaledi
SA still has a way to go in healthcare legislation
Business Day Letter: NHI will need an army
Private Practitioners Reject NHI
Why the implementation of National Health Insurance in South Africa will be a disaster
Medical Scheme Council staff "Overloaded"
NHI Pie in the Sky
Finance commission seeks clarity on NHI fiscal effects across government levels
Hospital Watchdog Lacks Power to Enforce Standards
Will proposed NHI sidetrack medical schemes?
Do state-based medical schemes have a future after NHI?
Medicines Management is Key to NHI Success
National Health Insurance chance to improve quality
The five principles behind the world’s most efficient health systems
NHI White Paper Disappoints
NHI will cover everything
National Health Insurance: Details on NHI expected shortly
National Health Insurance: A wing and a prayer
Public Servants and NHI: Subsidy scrap looms
Forget NHI, Use the Money for New Clinics: DA MP
The UK NHS: a model for the South African health system?
Comment: NHI a healthy dose to cure South Africa’s sickly system
South Africa simply cannot afford a scheme like NHI
Motsoaledi does not want NHI to limit choices
Healthcare is a social investment
Motsoaledi strikes back at NHI critics
Motsoaledi accused of trying to control private health prices
Radical White Paper on NHI published
NHI Abstract
NHI Might Not Pass Constitutional Muster
Motsoaledi's prescription for health is incoherent
Many areas of concern in NHI paper
Foundation warns that health plan could be an unmitigated disaster
Cuba crisis to hit NHI
All the nuts and bolts of the NHI
NHI: A feasible proposal or is it dead in the water?
NHI won’t force people to use government facilities
Health department should focus on internal efficiency rather than NHI
NHI financing impossible in current economic climate
Nursing SA Back to Health
Health scheme implies ruinous tax rise