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Welcome to NHI South Africa

Please note that the NHI-SA page is for information and policy discussions on the NHI only. This page is not operated by the Department of Health. NHI-SA does not address issues of membership, service delivery or employment in the NHI. Contact the Department of Health for any NHI service delivery, NHI membership or NHI employment queries at nhi@health.gov.za .

Who is HealthMan


HEALTH MAN is a privately owned healthcare consultancy for the management and administration of specialist and healthcare networks. Our concentrated focus on promoting the professional and commercial interests of both networks and healthcare practitioners, coupled with our extensive industry experience, quality service and industry contacts, make us the preferred choice in healthcare consulting.

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What is the objective of NHISA

The National Health Insurance White Paper was published by the Department of Health in December 2015.

Stakeholders have until 31 May 2016 to make their submission on the White Paper.

There is no Public Forum in which South Africans can get access to the submissions made nor to debate this proposed radical reform to the South African Healthcare System.

The NHISA web site will keep you informed of the latest developments on NHI as well as to allow for Public Debate on the matter.

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